Ishavskatedralen - Tromsøysund menighet

“Organ safari”

DATO: 3. November 2023 kl. 18:00–20:45

Tromsø International Church Festival is pleased to once again invite you to a safari from church to church! This year’s organ safari is a wonderful way to experience Tromsø’s finest churches. The tour goes by bus from church to church with some of Tromsø’s talented cantors playing the various organs available. On the bus, we will be guided about organs and music. And there midght be refreshments along the way.

See you in the starting point, Tromsø domkirke, a bit before 6 PM on Friday Nov 3, 2023! The bus brings us back to the center of Tromsø before 9 PM. A limited number of participants due to the capacity of the bus.

Tickets: NOK 250/150. Book at