Ishavskatedralen - Tromsøysund menighet

Double concert with Amosphère and Lyra Pramuk

DATO: 17. October 2021 kl. 19:00–21:45
STED: The Arctic Cathedral

Join us for a very special double concert in Ishavskatedralen (The Arctic Cathedral) – a sonic mediation with composer and multidisciplinary artist Amosphère, and a devotional musical performance with the beautiful vocal artist Lyra Pramuk.Exploring a post-human, non-binary understanding of life, Lyra Pramuk’s debut album, Fountain, is a journey through experimental sounds and electronically reshaped vocals.

Amosphère´s work questions time, space, cosmology, human perspection and psycho-physical effects through sonic meditations, by using a minimalist vocabulary and fictional concrete poetry. Together they will provide an unforgettable live concert experience.

Tickets for sale here:
Prce: 260 (adults)/190 (students) /80 (festival pass)