Ishavskatedralen - Tromsøysund menighet

Organ Safari

DATO: 30. October 2020 kl. 18:00–20:00
STED: The Arctic Cathedral

This concert is part of the Tromsø International Church Festival, which every year includes an organ safari to various churches in Tromsø on the program.

The tour starts in the Tromsø Cathedral, and the participants will then be  transported by bus to Grønnåsen Church and the Arctic Cathedral, before the bus returns to the city center. The festival theme is presented by three of the city’s talented performers on organ: Erlend Karlsen, Linde Mothes and Wilhelm Sollie. Erlend is also a guide on the safari bus.

The festival theme is illustrated as follows:

Tromsø Cathedral: Erlend Karlsen – «Love»

Grønnåsen church: Wilhelm Sollie – «Hope»

The Arctic Cathedral: Linde Mothes – «Faith»

More info about the musicians and tickets here: