Ishavskatedralen - Tromsøysund menighet

Concert With “Unknown Composer” and singers from Tromsø Ten Sing.

DATO: 22. January 2018 kl. 18:30–19:30
STED: The Arctic cathedral

The instrumental group “Unknown Composer” from Arkhangelsk, Russia, will give a concert in the Arctic cathedral Monday 22nd of January. The group will present a unique coctail of rock, folk songs, classics and more. Performing artists:  Ilya Denisov (violin), Chrisia Kachaeva (synthesizer, accordion) -), Sergey Gulyaev (bass, oratorical art), Ilya Kozhukhov ( guitars) and Ivan Valnev (percussion).

Some of the singers from the local youth choir Tromsø Ten sing will also perform a few songs..

As a gift for you, er offer free entry!