Ishavskatedralen - Tromsøysund menighet

Film concert: Terje Vigen (A man there was)

DATO: 17. January 2018 kl. 19:30–20:25
STED: The Arctic cathedral

As a part of TIFF – Tromsø international film festival – we will show the film concert Terje Vigen from 1917.

“There lived a remarkably grizzled man on the uttermost, barren isle…” Although kindred in spirit, Victor Sjöström’s adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s 1861 epic poem “Terje Vigen” is a stand-alone piece of art, made in the prime of the modernist era, of which Ibsen himself was a central figure.
Playing the titular role himself, Sjöström, together with cinematographer Julius Jaenzon created epic and iconic scenes in A MAN THERE WAS; promoting nature, the sea in particular, from being a mere backdrop in traditional cinema to feature as a character in the film. Despair, revenge, love, mercy – the primal emotions of man – that is what the sea represents for Terje Vigen.

The film is screened with a live soundtrack, performed on The Arctic Cathedral’s church organ. The composer and performer is Ben Model, film historian, curator, musician, composer and silent film connoisseur, based in New York City.

Note: Tickets to this screening can only be purchased with credit/debit card or cash, not TIFF value cards. Price: NOK 160,-