Ishavskatedralen - Tromsøysund menighet

Organ safari

DATO: 3. November 2017 kl. 18:00–20:30
STED: Tromsø cathedral, Grønnåsen church, Kroken church and the Arctic cathedral

The organ safari is an annual happening during Tromsø international church festival (TIK). From the entertaining and experienced guide Knut Hansvold we learn some more about music, churches and organs, while the bus takes us from Church to Church. We start at Tromsø Cathedral, where  Andor Drage plays the new organ in the cathedral. Then we continue by bus to Grønnåsen church, where Ragnhild Strauman og Annimari Pelli play the organ.  After that we continue our journey to the mainland and Kroken church, where  Svetlana Starcheusova will play the organ. And then we head off to The Arctic cathedral, where Linde Mothes will play the organ.  The bus takes us back to Tromsø cathedral about kl. 20.30 h.

The musicians are free to decide what to play, but there will be something about Bjarne Sløgedals variations over Norwegian folk tunes.

NB! Departure from Tromsø Cathedral (the big wooden church in the centre of Tromsø)! Ticket price: NOK 250 (adults) / NOK 150 (children and students)